Foshan Lihao Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, which is known as "garden type industrial park". It is an enterprise dedicated to the R & D and production of high-efficiency power supply. Its main products include high-frequency switching power supply, synchronous rectification switching power supply, silicon controlled rectifier, electrolysis, electrochemical power supply, water treatment power supply, electroplating power supply and oxidation power supply Rare earth smelting power supply. Adhering to the principle of "the first, the best after-sales service", the company insists on the principle of "high-quality, reliable service".
Why choose us?
Continuous refinement of the production process, and fixed long-term responsibility of special personnel, so that employees can quickly accumulate manufacturing experience, and regularly arrange the whole line production principle training, so that employees can understand the company's vision: to be the supplier trusted by customers and provide customers with high-quality products and services.
Strict standards
Keep faith
Company through a number of quality and management system certification, to ensure the quality of products, service satisfaction
Professional sales team to communicate with customers to provide appropriate products
Abide by contract and keep promise

It's our commitment to our customers
Adhere to the "quality first, customer first" principle, to provide users with reliable power products and quality after-sales service
Industry experience
High quality guarantee
Project patent
4 reasons to choose us
Strive to build professional power supply products to provide customers with high quality power supply
Strict selection of raw materials
Each raw material is inspected by a special person
Multi process, specially assigned person
Continuously refine the production process, and assign special personnel to take charge of it for a long time
Strong R & D strength
Drive development by innovation and constantly bring forth the new
Excellent after sales team quick response
Strong after-sales service team, professional, worry free, fast
Good quality must be strictly selected. Whether the product quality is stable depends on the selection of raw materials. Most of the company's products use high-quality imported electronic components and raw materials of well-known domestic brands, ensuring the excellent quality of products from the source.
Professional people do professional things, from pre-sale, sales to after-sale every link, we have a special person to connect with customers. Among them, the production link of the product is the most important. Whether it is R & D, material selection, production, commissioning, quality inspection, we all arrange special staff to be responsible for it, and regularly assess the links in charge, so as to ensure the quality of production products.
We attaches great importance to product quality and innovation, has obtained the safety production standardization certificate, passed the GB / t19001-2016 / iso9001:2015 quality management system certification, especially in the past two years in the research and development and application of high-power synchronous rectifier switching power supply, has accumulated rich experience, obtained a number of utility model patents and invention patents, and the products have been unanimously praised by customers.

Good after-sales is the embodiment of corporate responsibility, and the effective extension of integrity is self-confidence and commitment.

Nuo is more reassuring for consumers. Always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" principle, to provide users with quality after-sales service.

Provide quality products for the market -
grow together with customers
Through continuous innovation and development, strive to provide customers with diversified one-
stop service solutions
Provide solutions for various industries
Electrolysis industry
Electrolysis industry
Electrochemical industry
Electrochemical industry
Water treatment industry
Water treatment industry
Electroplating industry
Electroplating industry
Oxidation industry
Oxidation industry
Rare earth smelting
Rare earth smelting
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